December 18, 2008

See? Cuter than Blitz

Maggie using Olive as a pillow. Then giving Maggie kisses after being used as a pillow. Seriously, Olive is a glutton for punishment.
On a cat-related note, we think she is in heat. Yowling all the time, etc. So, I called the vet to schedule an appointment to get her fixed. A conversation I had hoped to void my entire life:
Vet's Office: Paws & Claws Animal Hospital, How can I help you?
Me: Hi, yes, I need to get my kitten spayed.
Vet's office: And your last name, ma'am?
Me: Spaid.
Thankfully there were no snickers on the other end of the phone, and the conversation continued. She's going in tomorrow. We have been trying to get Maggie to understand that she CANNOT pick up Olive when she comes home, to no avail. I catch Maggie holding her about 100 times a day. Poor kitty will have to be locked up until she's healed.

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Greg, Niki & Addie said...

Oh thankyou for that laugh, Mrs. Spayed. Also, we have a cat that looks just like Olive and he is the same with Addie! Lovey all the time, despite the abuse, I mean, toddle love, given to him. How funny!