December 10, 2008

Gramma Sue Was Here

Last week my mom came out for a visit to get her "Maggie Fix" since we aren't going home for Christmas. I had a GREAT time with my own mommy! We shopped, went to Opryland to look at the Christmas decorations, shopped, baked cookies, played with Maggie, shopped... basically, we just had a fabulous, but too short time.

Gramma Sue and Maggie make a gingerbread house while Tyler and I were out for the morning. Gramma applied the frosting, Maggie applied the candies - after licking each one. Yum! The finished product. Maggie "helping" me make cookies. The Three Girls. We used flour and royal icing to accentuate our good looks. Our beautiful cookies.
This doesn't really apply to Gramma's visit, but this REALLY old man had a bluetooth and was using it at the craft fair at Oprlyand. He was one the vendors. I had my mom pose nearby so I could take a picture (I cropped her out). See, old people CAN learn to use technology!Some nice stranger offered to take our picture together. Maggie actually looked at the camera!
Other Events while Gramma Sue was here: Maggie gave us a fright Thursday by falling on the 2 stairs we do have in the house. She split open her chin just a little bit. Nothing a Curious George band-aid couldn't fix.

So, like I said, I had a great time. I love you, Mom.


starbucksgirl said...

I was able to pick out the four Martha Stewart cookies that I ate. Wow, they really do look beautiful. Just remember that the way to THIS girls' heart is through Melissa Spaid cookies. :) Thanks for the extra cookies pal.

Janet Yates said...

How fun! Those cookies are beautiful. We're about to make cookies tonight for Evi's class X-mas party. I think I'll enlarge your photo to get some ideas or to just flat-out copy you. :)

The Ishiharas said...

melissa- beautiful cookies...i am so impressed. i saw them on kelly's blog and had to come take a peak (then noticed that she cut the picture from you blog)!! any tips on how to decorate them so wonderfully?

The Harrelson Family said...

The picture of the 3 of you is so cute (you, your mom, & Maggie).