December 15, 2008

Look What the Cat Dragged In

I mean, look at the cat WE dragged in. Our friends the Dunns are moving from their apartment to a rental house, and the landlord said "NO" to their cute little kitten. Being the bleeding heart that I am, I caved to Jamin and took in Olive "on the condition that if Blitz didn't like her we'd find her a new home." Yeah, right. Everyone, meet Olive. Blitz can get over it.
So, we have cat #2, again. And it's so funny, because I'd never have picked her out of a line-up as a cat I'd want. She's just a plain, short-haired tabby, and VERY small. She's about 7 months old (Dunns, correct me if I'm wrong) and I think she weighs 2, maybe 2 1/2 pounds, tops. And I like my cats to at least be long-haired, and big. Blitz weighs in at about 16 pounds and is a mass of ginger fur! So she is definitely the opposite of what we normally pick in a cat.

But, I have to say that she really is the sweetest, most mild-mannered cat I've ever seen. The Dunn's girls (and every other kid that came to visit them) would pick her up like little kids do, by the neck, and she'd just be a rag doll until they let her go. Maggie thinks that this cat that will not only let her pick it up, and then lay down on the ground after the pick-up for another round, is the best thing that has ever happened to her.Maggie says (her strong V sounds are not developed yet) "Mommy, Oluff is the bestest kitty I ever had in my whole life," and "Mommy, Oluff is sooo sweet!" I am constantly telling Maggie to "Let go!" and "Put that cat down!" and "Didn't Mommy tell you to stop picking up the kitty?" and "Stop chasing that poor kitty!" And after all that abuse, Olive still will stay right where Maggie can grab her. I'd say we have a glutton for punishment on our hands. And a new friend for Maggie.

So, Olive had joined our crazy family. I'm sure she will be making it on the blog a whole lot more than Blitz because she's so darn cute and fun. Thanks, Dunns. We love our new addition.


Amanda DeHoog said...

Hello Spaids! Got your Christmas letter today and saw mention of a blog . . . did a quick google search and here I am! It will be fun to read about all you are up to . . . we (I say "we" loosely, Tom has nothing to do with it :) have a blog too ( Merry Christmas!

Janet Yates said...

Oh, if only we were around to take Olive off your hands. :) That is EXACTLY the kind of cat I'd pick out...short hair, gray and black. I'm glad Maggie is having so much fun with her.