December 1, 2008

Makeup, already?

Maggie had some random stuff in the bottom drawer in the bathroom. Recently she remembered that she has some lip gloss in that drawer from her Halloween costume. Well, when I am getting ready for the day and putting on my makeup, she has to put on her own. That means about 50 applications of lipgloss. She unscrews the tube, applies a little bit very seriously, closes it back up and then repeats the process at least 10 times like she's got OCD. Sometimes, she dots it on her nose and forehead for added effect. But, look at how cute she is!

1 comment:

starbucksgirl said...

Well, I'm glad that Savannah isn't the only one who applies her lip gloss repeatedly. LOL. That's a pretty cute post.

Hope to see you on Friday. We can carpool to Danielle's with Nita if you'd like.