March 8, 2010

Oh, my.

I haven't posted anything in SO LONG! We are trying to put the house together, my phone has been ringing off the hook for weddings, I'm trying to keep things are normal as possible for Maggie, we are getting ready for our vacation next week... It's just nuts here. I'll have some pictures up before we leave this week.
-The downstairs is picked up and beautiful, but I still need to put pictures on the walls, and I have NO idea where to put them.
-We have to finish putting the office together which seems like the never-ending project.
-I need the weather to cooperate for a couple of days so I can finish painting Maggie's desk and headboard.
-We have 3 big boxes on our bedroom that even make Tyler's eyes glaze over, so they just sit. At some point we will tackle them and decide what to do with their contents.
-We can park 1 car in the garage right now. The other 1/2 is taken over for stuff we can sell at a yard sale (I am hoping our neighborhood does that - I guess I need to ask) and things that need shelves/hooks.
-Kitchen is stick-a-fork-in-it-DONE. I just love my kitchen.
-Laundry room needs some broom hooks, maybe one more shelf, and that's done. It would look much more put together if I got the ironing done and outta there.

And I've already hosted mom's group and a baby shower. So MUCH fun! I am so glad I can use this house for stuff like that (not like I didn't before, but there's SO much more space now!).

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