April 6, 2010

Random Videos

The night before we went on our cruise we went out for dinner after we all got to the hotel in Ft. Lauderdale. We were not told the truth about HOW LONG we would be waiting for dinner, but the girls made the best of it. Here they are dancing away to the music piped outside. Not sure where Maggie and Alexis picked up these moves, but they are so darn funny!

Last week I got to have Savannah and Sidney spend the night. After the girls decorated their buckets, I let them play with the bubble wrap that had wrapped up the kiddie table I picked up at Target on the best deal ever. See, I'm going green here by reusing the bubble wrap to entertain some little munchkins.

1 comment:

LA girl said...

Nice bubble wrap video. Not sure if I ever told you that I had them do the same thing at my house a few months ago (they are quite accomplished at bubble wrap noise)! Can't remember why Maggie was over but they stomped and stomped. So cute!