April 17, 2010

Two Weeks in Review

So, Easter weekend Maggie got a mild sunburn on her nose. A couple of days later it started to itch I guess and she definitely started to scratch. By Wednesday, she had scabs all over the left side of her nose and they were starting to show up on the side of her nose up to her eyebrow. Thursday-Saturday I decided to keep her from scratching with lots of bandaids. Maggie was a good sport, though, she didn't take them off, but she did still scratch the spots.
We are trying to get the grass to come up in our backyard. Monday I watered really well, and after work Tyler went out to seed. Our yard sits on the edge of this huge limestone field, so the water doesn't absorb all that well in some places. that makes a LOT of mud!
This past week we had a couple of visitors to the porch light. This moth was about 3 inches long. Olive had to come check it out.
Here's the big bomber!
Another of the moths on our back porch. Totally cool!
Enjoying a milk mustache. So cute!

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