June 15, 2010

Another First: Wasp Sting

Friday night we went to Tyler's boss's house for a pool party. After dinner Tyler took Maggie over to the playground. Minutes later, Tyler comes hustling back carrying a poor, bawling little Maggie. She got stung by a red wasp. Pitiful!There was a LOT of crying. So sad!!!
You can see the sting really well here. I was afraid it would hurt for several days, but when she woke up the next morning, all the pain was gone. So very thankful!
And, happier times about an hour before:
Can you tell that Tyler is actually paler than Maggie?

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Janet Yates said...

Those first pictures are so sad. That was a whopper. Poor thing! Fall retreat memories??? Thankfully, Evi was too little to remember those yellow jacket stings.