February 17, 2011

James' Room is Ready!

Like I said, full-blown nesting going on. James's room is pretty much finished. Photos will go up on the wall after he's born, but everything is ready for him to arrive. {Hear that, James, we are READY}

Changing table right by the door. I am using cloth diapers with James like I did with Maggie, so quick access to the bathroom is a good thing. Still have to get a diaper sprayer to hook up to the toilet. Will have to check out Amazon.com.
His crib all ready. I have his name in wooden letters to put on the wall, but I need to find some manly ribbon to hang them with first. The top shelve on the right hold Tyler's AWANA pinewood derby cars and a car his Papa made for him as a boy, the bottom shelf holds a wooden train his Papa also made.
We didn't want to get rid of the double bed we recently got, so after he's big enough to move out of the crib (that's a long ways away) he will go straight to the double bed. We haven't picked out his bedding for that bed yet. That's just our old duvet set. And I need to get some nick-nacks for the green cubes on the wall.
I just found that rocket ship canvas at Target for 75% off. So stoked! And the bulldozer on the dresser was made by Tyler's Papa as well. I am so glad we get to put those special wooden toys in his room. The funky spot you see at the right window is a place where the drywall needs to be fixed (warranty repair happening next week).
So, I think that's about it. I am ready for our little man to join us any day now.

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