February 16, 2011

Nesting is in Full Gear

I just love the above watercolor. Gotta love Google image search.

With Maggie, I felt a compelling need to PACK the freezer with food: chicken, beef, veggies, etc. Every trip to the store I would come back with more stuff to cram in the freezer. It got so bad you could not tell there was a light in there and items would crash to the floor any time you opened it. Her room didn't get finished until about a month after she was born. House stuff went by the wayside.

This time around could not be more different. Monday I finished touching up the paint in James' room. Then I moved all the furniture around (slowly) to how I thought we'd keep it. I literally worked in there for 5 hours. At nearly 37 weeks pregnant. No real breaks to speak of. Not sure where all that energy came from. And it was hard to go to sleep I was so awake!!!

Tuesday after bible study in the morning I rearranged James' room. I like it better this new way. Tyler was not impressed the first time I set up James' room because I did it without help, same for this time. But really, the crib and bed in there slide so nice on the carpet. So no big deal, I really am not straining myself.

This morning I cleared out Maggie's old clothes from her closet and dresser, washed this year's spring/summer clothes (it's 66 degrees here today!!!), organized the rest of her new clothes for next fall, balanced the checkbook, and am about to tackle the ironing. And it's only Wednesday.

I'll post pictures of James' room once I get the shelves up. I will probably go do that instead of iron today. I hate ironing. No nesting can overcome that. =)

So does all this nesting and energy mean James is coming soon? Well, Tyler and I will post on facebook, here and text as soon as we know we are actually in labor. Stay tuned!

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