July 23, 2011

Little Buddy Getting Bigger

Literally! James picked up a cold from our arriving flight, so I took him to a doctor to have him checked out just to make sure it wasn't anything serious. July 1 he weighed in at 18 pounds, 3 1/2 ounces. Friday, July 22, he went in for his 4-month wellness check (late because of our vacation). 21 days from his weigh-in in Seattle, he weighed in at 19 pounds, 7 ounces, measured 26.8 inches. I forgot to ask our pediatrician what percentile that pops him in, but according to the CDC website the best I can figure he is in the 95th percentile for both!
And I didn't mention in the vacation post, but he learned to blow TONS of bubbles, rolled over for the first time last Saturday (final results are the above picture), AND his first tooth came in Monday 7/18 (bottom left-center).

And still, he is just so darn happy! I am so blessed to have such a happy baby that loves to be around anyone and everyone. It made vacation so much easier! James loved to be held by anyone, including his cousins, and was really easy-going. Although he rarely slept through the night on vacation, but back at home he has gone right back to sleeping through the night. Blessed!

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