December 18, 2012

Well that's embarrassing! Here's Halloween 2012

I just realized I haven't updated the blog! Wow. In the spirit of getting caught up, here are some Halloween pictures.

Maggie posing with her pumpkins. We were running out of time when I finally picked some pumpkins up, so simple faces it was. And she loved them just as much as the years when I've done fancy ones. It was a win-win!

Tyler and I organized the Fall Festival this year. He had class Halloween night, so I took the kids by myself. They did great. You can see here Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.
My beautiful babies!
And here they are with a redneck Grandma! Did you know that mumus are found in the "active wear" section of Goodwill?!
Just like his sister, the duck pond was James' favorite.
With his best buddy, Zeke!
Mmmm, homemade donuts!
His "I'm cute" pose.
At the end of the night, the costume got too hot so we just ran around in our shirt and shoes. The Plinko board was  a big hit!
A close-up of Grandma's wrinkles. I did them last minute with the make-up I had on hand. Turned out pretty good, eh? And I must say I am channeling my Grandma DeWaard with the foam rollers.
The view down below. Gotta love $0.50 stockings from Wal Mart.
Little Red Riding Hood got photo-bombed by Mary Poppins!

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