September 30, 2012

Little Man Got His 'Do Did

James' hair was getting too long. The curls are super sweet, and I love them, but Daddy said it was too long, and when he took a bath it really was past his shoulders. So off to Great Clips (I know, so high class).

Last looks at those lovely locks. I love that curly hair!

 Here we are getting situated in the chair. Still novel at this point.
 Spray bottle and combing - ok.
 And the first snip - no going back.

 He's messing around with the comb the girl gave him to keep him occupied. Not holding still.
 He was about done at this point, the girl was 75% done cutting his hair. The cape came off 2 seconds after this picture.
 Some of the damage. Maggie's first haircut was LITERALLY 2-3 snips to get rid of her oh-so-wispy mullet. She didn't need any shaping, anything off the top or sides. James got about an inch trimmed off everywhere except the very top.
 Mr. Handsome in the flesh! He looks so cute with his trimmed up hair. And I am so happy to report that the back and sides do still curl up. And with the wispy ends cut off, it feels really thick now!

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