February 22, 2013

Maggie's 7th Birthday

Maggie chose to have a roller skating party this year. It was a relief not to do it at home, and the skating rink kept the girls busy and everyone had a great time, even James! We had Maggie some of her gifts Saturday morning, even though her birthday was Sunday so she could have her skates and new elbow and knee pads for the party.
Tyler photo-bombing this picture.
She loved them so much she wore her skates for breakfast.
Modeling her new pads and birthday outfit. Yes, I made that shirt. I can't help myself.
Little Miss at the rink, ready to roll!
I made "VIP Passes" for Tyler and I and the girls for the party so I could keep track of them. The kids had free reign in the skating rink. James had to have a pass, too. Gotta be like Sissy.
We weren't sure what we were going to do with James for the party, but they let you take strollers on the rink. Tyler was skating FAST with James! And James sat in that stroller without fussing for nearly and hour going around and around. It was great!
My turn!
And here we all are.
Maggie's cake. She wanted a strawberry cake with "wedding frosting" like I did for Brian and Rachelle's wedding. I also decorated sugar cookies with royal icing for party favors and to incorporate the roller skate theme into the cake.
A bunch of little girlies! They scarfed down their pizza. Skating is hard work!
Other side of the table.

All the girls, Maggie especially, was excited about the drinks. The rink staff "host" the pizza and cake portion and didn't bother asking this mom what the girls could have to drink. They got COKE. Fully-caffeinated Coca-Cola. Maggie never gets anything but a single drink if Tyler has Coke, so this was a big treat for her. I am pretty sure she had 2 cups of it.
Posing with the cake.
More girls, and it's cake time!
Daddy and James eating cake!
Maggie won some tickets in the wind booth (sorry - no pictures) and she picked vampire teeth.
Opening gifts.
All the little girls in one picture.
Birthday balloons. Gotta have birthday balloons. Maggie had several of the girls come home with us after the party for a sleepover. They were all SO cute and everyone had a great time.
We opted for a roller skating birthday party this year.

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