March 2, 2013

Already Two. Sweet "Baby" James.

Saturday (March 2) we had James' birthday party (look here - I am updating the blog the same day!). My mom and decorated the downstairs after he went to bed. So first thing in the morning he got to check it all out. His birthday theme this year was Disney Cars (we watch the movie just about every day). He LOVES Frank the combine/bull. If anyone you know has a Frank TOY, I would love it. I didn't see any in the store, but on eBay they are pretty expensive. Don't tell anyone that if they want to give it to you to give to me. Free is better... Moving on. I should've had my mom video his reaction to seeing Frank on the wall and all the other decorations. He thought they were pretty fun.
James opening a couple presents right before the party. There were 2 things I bought right after he was born (on clearance at Target) that I KNEW would be awesome someday. They are Cars pop-up tents. I thought they would be fun for the kids to play in during the party.

See? Easy set sup.
They don't actually connect, but it was fun for the kids to move between the 2 tents and it left room for people to walk around the living room.

I whipped up this banner in Word. Now that I know how to do it, I have a hard time not doing them for every birthday (I did one for Maggie's owl-0themed party 2 years ago, too).
James looked real pleased to have that hat on. He snapped himself with the cord a minute later and that wasn't pleasant.

The Birthday Boy playing with some construction equipment. Gramma Sue got him a super-cool Lightning McQueen and Mater shirt and new Lightning light-up shoes. He was REALLY pleased.
Friend Jacob and James. I think they are about a month apart.
Peek a boo!

See? Playing with the Cars tents and the tubes.
Maggie got these tubes for her 2nd Christmas, I think. We still love them. So do Zayli and Zekers.
More playing. That slightly smaller boy is Henry, he's only a year old. James is a big 2-year old, Henry is a brute!

Lunch: taco and quesadilla bar. The guacamole  was particularly good, if I do say so myself. =)

The Cake. It's Lightning McQueen and Mater on a boulder in Radiator Springs, see the cactus and the rocks? I did the Cars Logo with James' name on it out of royal icing. I was terrified it was going to break before the party as the points were pretty fragile, but it made it through the party and the cake cutting even. Yay!
Getting ready to blow out the candles.
Another photo. Can't help myself.
Help from sister.
Cake and ice cream. MMM!
James and most of the kids.
Tyler and James.
Chillin' with his sister after everyone went home.

To top off the afternoon, after everyone went home he came up to me and said, "Pee Mommy up (please, mommy, up). A nigh-night." He was ready for his nap. I picked him up and he wrapped his little hand around my neck and held on tight, fingers in my hair. I carried him upstairs to put him down for a nap and he kept pointing to the full-size bed in his room instead of his crib. He wanted to sleep in his BIG BOY BED! (We haven't even taken the side rail off his crib yet)

So I propped pillows up so he wouldn't fall off the side or get pinned against the wall. Needless to say I left his bedroom with a little tear in my eye. And so far he's been asleep for an hour and a half. Time keeps marching on. So very glad he's my boy. I love watching him grow up. It's been a wonderful birthday weekend.

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