March 2, 2013

Melissa's 35th Birthday

Wow. I don't feel old. Tired, but not old.My mom and I spent most of the day finishing up some errands and party prep so instead of making dinner Tyler took us to Culver's for burgers. I realize it was not a gourmet meal, but since we decided not to do burgers for James' party I really had a craving for a good cheeseburger. Culver's is pretty darn good, especially since In-N-Out hasn't come here yet.

Maggie was insistent that she make my cake since she has her own Easy Bake Oven this year.

She did a great job baking it (with a little of Gramma Sue's help) and decorated it all on her own. She even wrote "Happy b-day" on it.

Me and my kiddos.
This is a super-cool bobbin holder. My spool box is to capacity and I hate all the flyaway threads. can't wait to load this hummer up.

Eating my Easy Bake Cake (mmm!), and since James' birthday party was the next day the kids just got cake scraps from making James' birthday cake. No need to have TWO cakes in this house. I like cake too much to let that happen.

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