May 22, 2009

Creating a Little Worker Bee

I realize on a daily basis how easy my day-to-day chores/to-do's are with just Maggie around. Especially now that she can do some chores. Putting away the silverware. I need to videotape her doing that, she holds up every fork and asks, "Mommy, is this a big fork or a little fork?"
Last week I was doing flowers on Saturday so Maggie was home with Daddy. He had her put the silverware away... when I went to get a spoon or something that evening, ALL of the silverware was piled willy-nilly in the far right section! I asked Tyler about it, and he said she had pitched a fit about having to do the silverware. She was getting revenge, I guess.

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Louisasmom said...

Sigh... this makes me yearn for the day my child will be able to help rather than hinder housework. Currently she seems perfectly happy and self-sufficient only to do a 180 turn-around as soon as I pick up a dish, sweep or start dinner. That is the moment she MUST be picked up and held.