May 31, 2009

Someone take away my debit card!

I used up my May grocery budget about May 20th... BUT this week is triple coupon week at Harris Teeter AND Kroger (they are trying to compete with HT). So, I had to pull over some of June's budget for some early shopping of course. I hit Harris Teeter Wednesday AND Thursday, Kroger on Saturday and TWICE Sunday. Then Publix after Kroger tonight. Tyler is out of town on business, so Dixie and I left the girls with Seth and hit up Kroger and Publix. And WHO did we run into during our trip? Kelly and Jason Webster. Kelly at Kroger, Jason at Publix. They split up so each one went to one store so they could do all their shopping at once and be done.
I love that I can grocery shop with my closest friends and have the best time doing it.

My tally for triple coupon week: $46.37
Harris Teeter Wednesday $7.48
Harris Teeter Thursday $10.39
Publix Friday $8.84 (a lot of needed stuff, nothing special except I bought 4 mustards for the overages)
Kroger Saturday $16.57 (I got a bunch of stuff for Tyler's lunches that were good deals, but not free, so I am OK with this being so high)
Kroger Sunday after church $2.16 (8 lemonades, 4 soaps, forgot one coupon so total could've been $1.08)
Kroger Sunday night -$0.17 (I had a mistake with a coupon scanning 2x in the self-check and the cashier couldn't back it out so she had to give me $0.17 to make her register stop freaking out)
Publix Sunday night $1.10 (5 Ronzoni pastas, 4 mustards, 2 Go-Gurts)

The quantity of items is crazy. I had to reorganize the fridge and pantry. That's why they call it stockpiling. My favorite deals from this week are:
14 Santa Cruz ORGANIC lemonades (1 qt) free at Kroger on sale with Q
5 Ronzoni Smart taste pastas for $1.25 total at Publix on sale and with Q
8 - 8 oz. French's mustards that were a $0.50 money-maker EACH (that's $4 towards my other items)
2 Knorr rice sides that were a $.55 money-maker for 2 with cellfire Q at Kroger
1 Pedigree Dentastix (dog treats) $0.60 money-maker with paper Q and cellfire Q for other items at Kroger
8 Dial liquid soaps (on sale $1 ea) that were free with $0.35 Q that tripled
4 Wacky Mac pasta ended up $0.18 for all 4 after $0.50 Q that tripled at Harris Teeter

So based on my best deals list, we will be bathing with Dial hand soap all summer, and eating pasta salad with mustard sauce with a glass of lemonade!!! The hard part will be making sure I DO NOT go over my reduced budget for June. At this point I just need a few items for the rest of the month: flour, fresh fruit and salad veggies.

After being a crazy-serious couponer for the past 4 months (I've always been a serious couponer, the crazy is new) I feel like I've hit my own stride and am very pleased 99% of the time when I leave the store now. The fruits of my labor:

A packed pantry. LOTS of dry goods. Look at all the lemonades! Lots of toiletries.
Lots of hand soap, cleaners, vitamins, etc.A full fridge and freezer.
At this point I am dreaming of better shelving for my storage areas. =) And now back to your regularly scheduled Maggie viewing...

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