November 14, 2009

Annual Gatlinburg Trip

Last weekend we went to Gatlinburg with a bunch of friends - no children! Maggie stayed at Dixie's and had a wonderful time. Mommy and Daddy stayed in a 6 bedroom (all with attached bathrooms) "cabin" in the "woods".
So it was really more like a cedar mansion. The entire house was spectacular.
Our gaggle at dinner. The Brooks, Dunns, Haskins, Us, McCauleys, Talleys and Parks all made the trip this year.
This was not my steak, but a representation of the CRAZY amount and awesome quality of food that always makes its way to Gatlinburg. We go home with almost as much food as we brought. So much good food with good friends!
We played games, took a trip to the outlet mall, and had a wonderful time.