November 28, 2009

Whoop There It Is!!!

We went out to our new house today to see the progress. It was quite a shock to realize that new house I was seeing in the distance as we drove down our future street was ours!!! We had no idea it was getting put up already.

This picture shows the crane lifting the last set of trusses on the front of the house. right as we drove up.
Here's the front. It will have some more character when it is all finished, and won't look so boxy. Unless you look at it from the sides or the back, then it is still boxy. But it will be our happy little boxy home. With an awesome forest to the right of our lot.
Tyler let Maggie play in the crawlspace. She loved it.
Here I am at the curb. No way I was going to try and navigate the uneven ground leading up to the house or the debris inside.
The view from the upstairs windows. When the leaves were still on the trees, those hills in the distance were quite the sight.
Our neighbors around the corner said they get wild turkeys and deer in their back yard all the time (theirs is kitty-corner to ours). He even let Maggie keep a turkey feather she found in the yard. Was she was excited about that!!!

I am continually thankful for our new house - I won't believe it is mine until all our stuff has been moved in, papers are finalized.

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The Harrelson Family said...

So, so, so excited for you! Can't wait to see the pictures of the finished product!