October 5, 2010

Somebody hand me a tissue!

Dear Maggie,

In the past month you have grown up so, so much. Too much! You are starting to sound like a regular kid, not my preschooler. And now you want to do so many things on your own, without my help. Who said you may make your own PB&J, even if you know how? Or do the scooping when we made chocolate no-bakes? As much as I want to take back that knife and wrench the scooper out of your hand, I know it's time for you to stretch your independent little wings and do things on your own.

I know that doesn't mean you will start brushing your teeth voluntarily, or making your bed without being asked, but I am amazed to see how much you are growing and becoming more and more a real person, less like the baby/toddler/preschooler I have known and loved. And, soon, you will be a real big sister. I can't wait to see how much more you will grow when this new baby arrives. I've treasured all the years I've had you to myself, and though I am excited about this new little one, I am a little sad that things are going to change. But change is good, and so we move forward.

You will always be my baby, even if you won't let me call you that anymore.
Love, Mama


Janet Yates said...

I can't read things like that when I'm pregnant. Hand ME a tissue. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sweet Magnum,
I will help you make new and yummy sammiches at Thanksgiving time at our house. Tilly, the monster, won't help because she's not a sammich maker, just a spoiled puppy monster.
Poppy & MiMi

starbucksgirl said...

Dear Maggie, you are not allowed to grow up too fast. You must remember that a mother's first child is quite special to her. Your mother loves you dearly and I can attest that you will always be her baby....always.