October 5, 2010

When Going to Other People's Houses, It's Important to Pack Light

Or, in Maggie's case, to bring every item that she thinks she can't live without for several hours. This time around she brought 4 bags of stuff that I just didn't have time to persuade her to leave at home. Although I did remind her that if she did leave any of those items at the person's house we were not driving back to get them.

There have been several instances of toys being left behind. It's not pretty. But I've stuck to my word, we do not go back to get them, and just hope that the sitter or whoever sees said toy and brings it the next time we see them!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Sweet Magnum,
You are your mother's daughter which means that you do stuff like your momma does. Wow! If you wanna pack a big load of your stuff everywhere, that's fine. Sometimes you need to know that it's okay to keep your bags and things really, really small. That's okay, too!
We all love you, always! You can bring as many bags as you want to our house at Thanksgiving. Just don't forget to ask momma before you pack things up!!
Big loves, hugs and tickles
Poppy & Mimi