October 19, 2010

This baby's half way done baking!

Yesterday I had my 20-week ultrasound. Baby Spaid is: healthy, BIG, and a BOY!!!
Praise the Lord we are having a boy! I am still in shock. I would've been happy with a little girl, too, but wow, a B-O-Y.

Most of my friends kept saying it would probably be a boy, and I felt like it might be since this pregnancy has been so different, but all that just made me think that we MUST be having a girl if I was so sure it was a boy. So even though I had some intuition about baby being a boy, I shoved it aside.

The following photo is a little blurry, but it's the money shot. Baby, I hope you forgive me for posting your business, albeit an ultrasound photo. We are just so excited to know that you're a boy.
Tyler and Maggie went with me to the appointment. When the Tech announced it was a boy, I started crying (of course), Tyler grinned but was in a general state of shock, and Maggie said "But I wanted a little sister! Hmpf!" and got a sour look on her face. For months now Maggie has said that the baby would be a girl, and that she was going to call her Annie. She also said Annie would have red hair - and I'm pretty sure Maggie's only seen the movie one time. So the fact that the baby ended up being a boy was a nasty shock to her system. After several more minutes of watching the baby on the ultrasound screen, she did soften up and was alright with having a baby brother.

The tech said the baby - we do not have any names picked out yet - was measuring quite big and changed my due date by 8 days, from March 9th to March 1st, my birthday! That would be a great birthday present. As I would like to attempt a regular birth (not a repeat c-section) I sure hope that the baby comes a little earlier and doesn't get gargantuan.

Also, the first ultrasound picture at the top was the best profile picture they printed for me. And you can't really see the side profile of the face as well as I would have liked. During the scan, the baby was hiding his little head and it was hard to get a look at, but they did one pass over his side profile and his face looked EXACTLY like Maggie's side profile pictures, little scoopy button nose and everything. It stole my heart!

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