November 1, 2010

Getting Caught Up - Dance Class

This year Maggie is taking ballet-tap-tumbling at a local dance studio. She LOVES LOVES LOVES it. She asks about it nearly every day. I love watching her have fun and try so hard all at the same time. At the beginning of October there was "Parent View Day". Normally all the moms just sit out in the hallway and watch the girls on the closed-circuit TV. So to get to be in the class to see it all clearly and hear what was going on was pretty cool.

Tap lessons at the beginning of class.
A little bit more tap.
She sits still and pays such good attention! Every once in a while on the way home she will tell me her dance teacher, Miss Debra had to tell her to tell her to sit still because "she had ants in her pants" (Maggie's words, not the teacher's).
And here's a quick video of Maggie working on her ballet skipping. So cute!

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Melea said...

So cute! Maggie is getting so big. I loved watching her skip!