November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had MANY Halloween festivities this year. It was a lot of fun! Wednesday night she got to wear her costume to AWANA. Friday night was our church's Fall Festival, and Sunday night we took Maggie for her first trick-or-treating night in our neighborhood FULL of children and houses offering candy.

This year she went as Tinkerbell. The dress came from her dress-up clothes, so I bought a bigger pair of wings to go with the dress, put her hair up in a bun, and then had to figure out some shoes.

Tinkerbell's Shoes. I made these myself from a pattern I found online. They did not make it out of the house, though. Maggie didn't like the feeling of the ground below because they were just lined but not padded. I ended up putting the poofs on some sparkly shoes she had.
See, they were so cute!
Our pumpkins. Maggie provided moral support while I carved these.
The pumpkins along with the cool ones I got at the Farmer's Market with Tyler's parents when they were here.
Tinkerbell ready to go to AWANA on Wednesday night.

Ready to go to Fall Festival.
Posing nicely for Mommy before we enter the chaos that is Fall Festival. We noshed on hot dogs, nachos and, of course, the Haskins' homemade doughnuts. So good! Then we hit up all the booths for candy.
Bounce house. She got some serious air this year! And then you got to pick a piece of candy when you got out.
While Maggie was in the bounce house, Daddy had to man the candy bucket.
Getting some candy.
Posing in front of the bouncy obstacle course. She went around and around for about 30 minutes.
Zooming out the exit to go all over again.
Climbing up the "rock wall".
Here she is doing a bean-bag toss.
More bounce house.


Posing with Daddy right before they took off.
Her FIRST trick-or-treating adventure ever. We started at the neighbor's house. Tyler took her around the neighborhood. He said she was pretty shy about having to say "trick or treat."
Off with Daddy.
What a poser! She came back right away to put her coat on underneath her costume, it was chilly!
She come home with a full bucket of candy, and big smiles! She was most excited about her visit to Miss Cindy who lives down the street from us (she is also the church secretary and keeper of the best candy dish around). She had saved a bunch of candy and a Capri-Sun just for Maggie's visit. What a good grandma, Miss Cindy! Thanks!

I went out Monday with my friend Dixie to pick up next year's costume for Maggie and Baby Boy. We were successful, but you'll have to check back next year to see what we got!

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starbucksgirl said...

Well, we had to come out to your blog and see the pictures of Maggie immediately. Savannah was overjoyed that Maggie also had a similar pumpkin (blue instead of orange). We laughed and laughed at all of the pictures with great joy! Savannah loves Maggie very much and I miss having her best friend around. You guys are so wonderful. Love you.