November 1, 2010

Spaid Clan Visit

Towards the beginning of October Tyler's parents, sister and nieces came out for a visit. So fun!!!

We did some family pictures (copyright Andrea Watkins)

To the pumpkin patch:

Caramel apples were made
Sprinkles were applied to caramel apples, but I think even more sprinkles were applied to little girls' mouths.
Cookies were decorated
We went to the park.
And even for a walk. At the end of their visit it finally got cooler. Maggie opted for earmuffs instead of a sweater. According to Auntie Tara, the earmuffs stayed on about 2 minutes, then Grampa had to carry them the rest of the way.
It was a lot of fun to have a house full of girls for an extended weekend! Maggie certainly misses her cousins now. We are looking forward to seeing you next summer.

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