November 17, 2010

Gatlinburg 2010


This year was one of the most fun years we've had. Saturday night a bunch of us rocked (or rather, waved our hands like we just don't care) to music, mostly hip-hop, from our Jr. High days. It. Was. Fantastic. I found myself transported back to 1990: I almost had to reach up and see if my wall of bangs had magically reappeared, and check in the mirror to verify I was not, in fact, wearing my Hammer Pants. Yes, I owned a pair in 7th grade with matching jackety-vest thingy. That's just how I rolled.

I did not take photos of said trip down memory lane (that would be too much incriminatory evidence), but here's the traditional on the cabin porch photo. You will note here that I am a mere 23 1/2 weeks along. I look like the 7-month version of myself when I was pregnant with Maggie.

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