April 3, 2011

One Month! Boppy Picture

Here we are at one month old. This is James' "Fists of Power" pose. We see the fists often.
And here he is with his "Yo!" pose. Note the face of indifference he displays.
One whole month has passed since James was born. Unbelievable! I just love my little gummy bear. He has been such a blessing in our lives, I can't put into words how thankful I am (we are). Big sister Maggie loves him to death (I've caught her picking him up several times, so that's not far from the truth!).

James is such a joy - pretty chill most of the time, and fusses way less than his sister did at this age. And he's been smiling since we brought him home from the hospital - they just melt my heart! He continues to grow and grow: during the day he usually nurses every two hours. The quantity of time I spend nursing really puts a damper on how much other stuff I can get done, but I am glad for the time to sit down and spend with him. Night times are pretty good most of the time, too; he goes right back to sleep after each feeding and quite a few nights he is going 3-5 hours between feedings. We won't talk of the bad nights.

In the hospital he was already holding up his head and his head and neck muscles are getting stronger everyday. The video below shows how strong his legs already are, too. All that kicking in the womb is paying off! We will be in trouble when James figures out how to move forward I know that for sure.

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