April 14, 2011

Smorgasbord Update

James turned 6 weeks today. I weighed him on our home scale this past weekend, and he clocked in two different times at 13 pounds. He is definitely hefty! I had to get out the summer clothes as the weather here is starting to be consistently warm and little Mister is wearing clothes up to 6 months at this point. You read that right - 6 month clothes. Most of his 0-3 month clothes stretch enough to still fit, but some have had to be put up already.

He is starting to coo at me which I am SO loving. He is making more eye contact with everyone, which I really like to see. And nights are great, usually a 4 hour then a 3 hour stint between nighttime feedings, so I am not all that sleep-deprived; last night he went about 5 1/2 hours so that was great! He loves to be in his car seat and driving around, he sleeps so soundly when we are out running errands. He is still a very sweet, relaxed, chill baby. 8:30 - 11 at night he can be fussy, but I've found that getting him ready for bed and popping him in his crib when he starts getting fussy is the answer. It's like he's got to get in a little bit of crying before I put him down for the night, but tonight he went right to sleep or at least he was quiet in his crib...

Maggie still loves him to pieces. Lots of hugs, kisses, sweet talk. She likes to lay on the floor right next to him and pat his back or rub his tummy (whichever side he's on).

I got this neat photo app for my iPhone that morphs my photos into cool images, so here's one of them. My squishy little gummy bear. Taken last week. It was a hot day, and he got all sweaty when he nursed so I let him air out.
Yesterday in this SUPER cute sleeper outfit with a cute notted hood. Look at those cheeks!
Big sister and little brother. Here in the South, that's Sissy and Bubby (or Bubba). Maggie told me she will not call him Bubby or Bubba.
Tummy time turned into nap time. LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS! I can barely keep my hands off them. And Maggie, too; that kid will not leave him alone when he's sleeping for anything!
So at Babies R Us I used the nursing mother's room since it was time to eat and we were out. Maggie thought his car seat was great fun!
Sunday night we went out for Mexican. It was so good! Again, playing with the photo app on my phone. So fun!
So that's about it. I really love this baby #2 business. I am WAY less stressed with this baby. It's fun to see Maggie with her little brother, and like I said, he is just SO CHILL. I am so very blessed with my little family!

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LuluandGeorgiesMom said...

Love love love these new pictures! Your babies (big and small) are so sweet. Oh- and I'm obsessed with your new background! I want a new one for my blog now, too!