November 28, 2007

Raking leaves

Friday after Thanksgiving Tyler tackled all the leaves in the yard. Having 4 dogwoods, 2 HUGE maples and several smaller maples makes for a LOT of leaves to get rid of every fall. Think of it like this: there are enough leaves from just the 2 big maples in the back to fill up a regular size bedroom with about 3-4 feet of leaves.

He spent almost all day Friday sweeping leaves off the driveway and redistributing them across the yard so he could mulch them all up with the mower. There is no way we could've bagged them all, and without a blower the redistribution takes a lot of arm work. Maggie and I went outside for a while to "help". Maggie likes to do what Daddy does, so we gave her a broom and off to work she went! It was really cute.

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