November 9, 2007

Oh what a tangled web we weave...

You may know the ending to the quote above: "When first we practise to deceive!" by Sir Walter Scott. Wednesday morning was the first time Maggie out and out lied and tried to deceive me. We are still doing the pants-off potty training, so first thing in the morning off goes her PJ bottoms and diaper. She really wanted the M&M's on top of the bookshelf, and I told her she had to go potty before she could have any... Off I go to the kitchen to get our breakfast ready, and in she runs, "I pee-pees! I pee-pees!"

So I went back to the living room where her potty chair is set up, and sure enough, there's tissue in it (we're working on the hygiene portion of potty training). BUT - that tissue is dry. Dry as a bone. Not a sprinkle of tinkle was in that potty. She had crumpled up a tissue and put it in her potty chair to make it look like she had used it so she could get M&M's! During this quick investigation she is practically frantic with the "I pee-pees!" chant, and so I ask her in a stern voice, "Maggie, did you go pee-pee on the potty?" I even lifted up the tissue and showed her that there was NO pee in the potty.

She got REALLY mad when I told her that she had not gone pee and that she could not have M&M's, and pitched a BIG BIG BIG fit right then and there. You could tell that she was mad that she didn't get the candy, and even madder that she got caught. I gave her a spank for the fit-pitching, I was pretty bowled over at the deception part of it all! Wow! And all that just for 2 lousy M&M's.
Said potty chair.
M&M's jar on top of the bookcase.

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