October 31, 2007

Trick Or Treat! Halloween 2007

Synopsis of Halloween, 2007: Maggie really enjoyed Halloween this year. Last week we went to a retirement community for her to "learn" how to go trick-or-treating, and on Halloween our church has an alternative to going out. CBC's Fall Festival is SO much fun! Shirley Haskins makes her homemade donuts (enough to feed 400 people!) - think Krispy Kreme sweetness in a thicker donut. MMM MMM MMM!

My pumpkins this year. I didn't have a lot of time, so they aren't as ornate as years past. Maggie's chicken costume. Notice the blurriness of her basket. She was whipping that thing around like crazy. Looking forward to some candy, I guess. Here we are at the Fall Festival. Tyler and I went as chicken farmers for Maggie's costume. Note that BOTH Daddy and Maggie have their hands in the candy. Our friend Matt and son Bob the Builder - I mean Jake. Zayli and Maggie and Tyler. Zayli was a farmer, too! You know those moments when you child slips away from you in a big crowd and you can't find them? Don't freak out, just look for the duck pond! Maggie got away from me in literally 2 seconds, and there she was, fishing in the duck pond. I know it's a bad angle, but look at the smile on her face! Here we are at the fishing booth. That big smile on my face is because we got a coupon for a free Chik-fil-A sandwich. Yum! Maggie & Zayli thought our props were fun toys. I put some smarties in one of the eggs, and that kept Maggie entertained for about 5 minutes. Zayli was looking at her mommy wondering if she could have some more candy. =) And, our fam. Seriously, does anyone know how to get your child to look AT the camera of the person taking the photo???End of the night. Her costume was so darn hot, she was just sweating! Look at that messy hair! I brought a shirt so she could take the top part of her costume off and still run around in her chicken legs.


kimi said...

that is the cutest chicken EVER!!! she just keeps getting CUTER! love your freckles.

Greg, Niki & Addie said...

Ferd- you look really good as a farmer. Seriously. You make farming look goooood.