October 24, 2007

Potty Training Update

Scroll down to next post on trick-or-treating if you don't want this update...

After this weekend we've determined several things: 1) Maggie LOVES to use her potty chair. 2) She KNOWS when she's got to go (both kinds). 3) Naked in the house is the way to go. 4) M&M's are a good incentive to learn quickly. 5) Maggie does not understand that panties do NOT equal diapers. Therefore, she's got to wear a diaper when we're out and about or even if she has pants/skirts/dresses on at home. Several times now she's pulled on a skirt or her PJ bottoms and promptly peed in them. I think maybe she thinks if her bottom is covered that is a diaper to her? We'll have to work on this one.

So I guess this means she's sorta trained. We just take off her pants when she is at home and everything works wonderfully. She kinda tells me if we are out somewhere, but not soon enough for me to run her to a toilet. I think she just likes watching "Lady and the Tramp" ("puppies, puppies!" she cries) over and over - she thinks it's fun to watch, we like that it keeps her on the blankets in the living room.

And, a picture of the state of our living room. The area rug is covered with a big blanket and several towels. Potty chair strategically placed for optimal viewing of "Lady and the Tramp", traffic flow, and reciept of M&M's upon proper usage of potty chair. The jar of M&M's is on top of a bookcase next to the TV, and she can see them from her chair.

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