October 16, 2007

More Visitors

John & Amron came out to visit this weekend. Monday we went to a local pumpkin patch for Maggie. We drove there first thing in the morning only to discover the patch is only open for school field trips - so we turned around and went home. Then, Maggie couldn't take a nap (A: too exciting that Gaga and Papa are in the house and B: she's got a cold that makes her cough a lot when she lays down). So, at 2:45 we headed back out for the pumpkin patch hoping she would enjoy it and not be a pill. What does she do? She falls asleep in the car on the way there - didn't even wake up when we took her out of the car when we got there. We walked around for a few minutes while she kept sleeping... but I couldn't take it much longer so I went over to the petting zoo area and woke her up.
She had a GREAT time!!! She pet the calfs and piglets and tried to feed the goats. Then we went over to the grain area where they had big troughs of grain the kids could play in. We came home with a big pumpkin and some squash I cooked up for dinner.How can you not love a snarky face?!?!?

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kimi said...

oh! fun with the grandparents! and at the punkin patch. oh my!