October 20, 2007

Peepee in the Potty!!!

This post is really for friends and family who are interested in potty training. If you don't want to hear about pee or poop, please come back in a couple of days for a new post.

As some of you know, Maggie is interested in "going" in the potty since her friend, Zayli, was potty trained in August. Well, I've actually got a free weekend (Friday - Monday) this weekend, so I thought we'd do the naked thing on blankets and towels in the living room and see if she gets it. Tally so far:
Friday after nap to bed time: 4 1/2 peepees & 1 poopy in the potty chair, 1 1/2 pee accidents on the floor
Saturday morning: 3 1/2 peepees, 1 1/2 pees on the floor, 1 poop on the floor (it wasn't a big mess, thank goodness!!!). ONE PEEPEE ANNOUNCED BY MAGGIE AND SHE WENT SAT ON HER POTTY CHAIR!!!!! I am hoping this is real progress for her.

And, if she doesn't get it this weekend, it's not a big deal. We'll try again the 2nd week of November when I don't have a wedding.

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The Harrelson Family said...

Potty training is my least favorite part of parenting... ok one of my least favorite parts. You are getting an early start on it. Very impressive. I've heard girls are easier than boys. Hey, are you guys going to be out here for Christmas?