October 6, 2007

Family Visit: Mormor & Hilmer

Tyler's grandma Mormor and husband Hilmer came to visit us this weekend on their way to a boat cruise through rivers of the South. Maggie has learned 2 new words: Mormor (moh-moh) and papa for Grandpa Hilmer. She uses them frequently!

Friday Tyler took them to the Carter House while I did flowers for a wedding. The Carter House was a plantation in the 1800's that was involved in the Civil War's Battle of Franklin. It is a really cool tour: the house is still in it's original state & there are bullet holes all over, you get to see and hear all kinds of fun stories, and the tour guides are still bitter about the "War of Northern Aggression." It is by far one of the most informative tours I've ever been on.
Bullet holes from the battle still scar the boys' dormitory.
The Carter House with Mormor, Tyler & Maggie.
Saturday morning we went to the BelleMeade Plantation. It was a horse farm mainly. You can tour all the grounds for free (costs to go inside the mansion). We looked at the original home before the mansion was built, the smokehouse, carriage house (which was bigger than the house) and the slaves quarters. It is really interesting.
Tyler, Mormor & Maggie on the BelleMeade Plantation.
Maggie & Mormor in front of the carriage house.
Me & Hilmer horsing around.
Backside of the mansion (didn't take a front picture...)
Mormor, Maggie, Me, Tyler & Hilmer.
Mormor & Maggie on a walk.
The slaves quarters (these are not original, they were brought down from another local plantation as no slaves quarters on this plantation are in existence). This is a very real reminder of the history of this area of the country, and around the world for that matter. Let's not forget where we've been so we don't repeat it!

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