October 27, 2007

Beautiful Wedding, Cute Kids

This afternoon we went to a church wedding (someone at our church got married, whole church was invited). I got to do the flowers, and that was great. I love being able to serve the families in our church by doing the flowers. Amber, the sister of the bride, was in my high school small group for 3 years, and babysits Maggie. Here are some pics:
Kristen, the bride, and sister Amber made a stunning duo!
I did two of these arrangements for the altar.
The cake. Don't you LOVE that ribbon?!?! The colors were great.
At the reception all the kids had a great time. Jack Cook got a bottle of bubbles and Maggie and Zayli couldn't stay away. They were so darn cute following him around. It's a good thing they are only 21 months - almost 3, and not 12. It won't be cute at 12.
Jack, Maggie & Zayli (please note: Tyler got Maggie dressed for the wedding, not me. I had flowers to do all morning and afternoon. I asked him to dress her warm since it was an outdoor reception, and he picked pants.)
Zayli, Maggie, Jack & Leah

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Greg, Niki & Addie said...

Melissa- you astound me! Those are some GORGEOUS flowers. I also compliment the bride on her choice of that peacock blue color. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Wow. What a pretty fall wedding!