February 12, 2008

Don't "goggle" at Maggie!!!

These pictures are from last weekend, the 2nd, it just took me a while to get the pictures since they were on Tyler's cell phone. So, Tyler's been swimming at the gym, and needed some new goggles. Ah, the joys shopping at Costco and buying a multi-pack of goggles - Maggie got to wear her own pair and wore them all day Saturday! You will note in the second picture that Daddy is ALSO wearing goggles. I was doing some flowers stuff, and he had to bring me something I forgot, and there was Maggie, conked out in her car seat, with her goggles still on! I wish we'd gotten a picture of that...

And we should probably start working on modesty with her. She loves to be naked a little too much I think. =)

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