February 27, 2008

Friday Night Fun

Last Friday night, Tyler and I did the annual "Laserquest Lock-In" with the combined Jr. High and High School youth groups at church. You show up at church at 7pm, we dink around until 11:30, then we head to LaserQuest in downtown Nashville where we chase each other around with laser guns until 6:00 in the morning and get back to church just before 7am.

Let me tell you: the first year I did this - 2003, I managed to stay up all night. 2004 I napped, 2005 I napped. 2006 and 2007 I got a break because Maggie was a newborn and last year I used her as an excuse. =) This year - no excuse. The family that watches her so we can go to youth group on Tuesday nights was able to watch her overnight.

The Laserquest portion of the night was not the most important to me, though. This time the evening's events before we went to LaserQuest were a final good-bye to Smed & Janet Yates, youth pastor and wife, who are right now on the road moving to Tempe, AZ. Smed is moving on in ministry to be an associate pastor at a church there. I know everyone at our church will miss them immensely (I certainly do), but I am so glad for this new opportunity for them to serve the Lord and shepherd a new group of believers. I think my favorite part of the night was one of the other leaders, Anthony Brooks, did an acoustic version of "My Hero" by the Foo Fighters in tribute. It was awesome!

Here are some pictures from the night:
Smed & Janet holding the giant cake. One of the fun things you can do at LaserQuest is karaoke. I'd say that sleep deprivation is equivalent to 5 shots of tequila in reducing inhibitions... the BOYS totally comandeered the karaoke machine for the entire night (OK, I did do YMCA, that was it). Jordan, Anthony and Tyler rocked that machine until 5am. Tyler serenading me with "more Than Words" by Extreme. Ah, music from Jr. High and high school!Some of the gang.Students that pooped out before the night was over.I was able to make it ALL NIGHT without a nap. I even had to meet a bride to talk about flowers at 11am on Saturday morning, so a 2 hour nap before that.

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