April 8, 2008

Inconvenience - a mom's job

This is really just a vent, no pictures of Maggie...

So today was one of the few times Maggie has not behaved enough that I could leave her somewhere and get something done. Tuesday morning I go to the women's Bible Study at our church. Been going for over a year now, Maggie is used to it, or should be by now. Maggie fussed a little when I dropped her off in the toddler room, but that's pretty normal.

An hour later, one of the ladies in the room came to get me during the lecture portion of the study (we do a lecture over the week's topic, then break up into small groups for discussion) because Maggie was still crying. Not just sad wimpering, big, red-faced crying. It wasn't like she was hysterical, but that is just not Maggie. She LOVES Cindy & Tamara. She's in their room on Tuesdays for Bible Study and Wednesdays when we go to Mother's Day Out.

I got Maggie calmed down (or so I thought) and went back for the remaining minutes of the lecture, but as I was refilling my coffee before small groups, one of the moms said she had just been downstairs where the kids were and Maggie was a mess again. I went back down there, she was a mess, and I made the decision I would not go to small groups and we would just go home today. Of course all the way home in the car and at lunch Magie kept reciting "Mommy comes back" over and over. Funny, because you think that would've been a comfort to her since I always tell her "Mommy always comes back".

I want to be able to be involved in various ministries and activities in the church and with friends. Tyler and I purposed when Maggie was born that we would not become shut-ins or fringe members of our church because we had a child, but that we would fit this child into our lives and activities. Not that I don't love and adore and cherish every minute with Maggie, because I do (even when horrible, no good, very bad day). But she does not and will not rule our world. So I am working on being gracious with her when she just can't deal without Mommy.

This is still so weird for me because as a young baby she didn't have separation anxiety. But now that she's 2, she freaks out when I leave her with anyone besides Daddy or Dixie. I think I've only had to leave a store once or twice because she was pitching such a fit... So, today was just a good reminder that inconvenience is just part of my life and season right now. A good reminder, too, since the coming weeks are going to be really busy with weddings. And what about when we have baby #2? {no, we are not pregnant, just looking to the future} Help me, Lord, to be gracioius to Maggie, and accepting of inconvenience in my life. I know I need to be more patient and kind.

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Janet Yates said...

Wow, sounds like we've had similar Tuesdays. I hope your busyness with weddings will go well. Thanks for the post.