April 25, 2008

Playgroup and new windows

I hosted playgroup at our house today. We also got new windows installed today (thank you Lowe's!) and I had to be at the house. But, with all the weddings I've got this spring and summer I haven't been able to make it to playgroup and won't for about 2 more months. So - I invited all the ladies and kids over to our backyard! The weather was perfect - if not getting on the hot side - and we had a great time. We all played outside for about 2 hours, then headed inside for some grilled cheese and fruit (separate items, I've not gotten lazy and included the fruit IN the grilled cheese).

Thank you, Poppy! These tubes are so awesome!
Mommies are under the covered patio.
Cute Maggie.
Kiddos on the hammock. They had a lot of fun!
Old windows stacked up.
Old storm windows (that used to sit on top of the old windows and made it impossible to open the windows for the breeze) all stacked up.
A new window, looking lovely and easy to open and easy to clean.
And, a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to Dixie who took Maggie home with her after playgroup and lunch so Maggie could have a good nap without noises from air guns and screwdrivers and vacuums and hammers. THANKS THANKS THANKS!

I'll post pictures of the finished product later.

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The Harrelson Family said...

New windows very cool. I tagged you on my blog so, in all your spare time feel free to come up with your 7 random facts.