April 17, 2008

Needing Eyes in the Back of My Head

Yesterday at lunch time I was at the counter making our sandwiches when I hear some rustling, grunting and a "hey, Mommy". I turn around, and there is Maggie in her high chair. I didn't put her there, mind you, she climbed in herself. Shocked, and a little curious, I took her out and asked her to get back in it. Sure enough - she climbs right up. Well, I had to call Tyler to let him know what "HIS" daughter had done.

Climbing into her highchair is one of those acomplishments that I feel both proud of and irritated at the same time. I am impressed at her physical ability & dexterity to do that because we NEVER let her climb on her highchair, so either she sneaks out of her crib at night to practice (highly unlikely) or she just mustered it up and went for it. But I'm annoyed because now I have to watch her that much more carefully because I don't want the chair to tip over, and I wonder what else is she going to start climbing on. I will say that it does make it a little easier to get her ready for meals, she just climbs right into her chair for me now.

I had her climb in her chair several more times for the camera so I could get enough sequential shots.


The Harrelson Family said...

Sounds like Ethan. He has been doing that too. I get so nervous that he is going to tip his chair over. Lucas of course likes to climb up on the kitchen counter using the shelves as steps. Just wait till Maggie tries that one. =) We sure do miss you guys. Wiss you were closer!!! By the way she is super cute. And I can't wait to see your wedding flowere that you are doing. They alway look awsome!

Janet Yates said...

That's pretty impressive. Emet could stand to learn from her. That would make my assembly line lunch time a little easier.