June 26, 2008

I didn't forget Father's Day in Real Life

But I sure did on the blog!!!

What did we do? Not much. I had a wedding that weekend, and our anniversary was later in the week, so Sunday night we celebrated with, what else? Meat! I got a really nice porterhouse for Tyler and a ribeye for me, and grilled 'em up. MMM... grilled meat (and some asparagus also on the grill). Tyler got some needed additions to his work wardrobe: Polo shirts. With the horse. Got them at Marshalls - abou 60% less than than Macy's, so that made me happy. Tyler was happy, too. When I took Maggie to the store to get them, I told her we had to get Daddy a present. Now when we go somewhere other than the grocery store she asks if we have to get a present for Daddy. She also liked "choosing" the shirts I picked out.

I am so thankful for Tyler. He's been my best friend since 1993, husband since 1999, father of our child since 2006. I am thankful for how he loves God, loves me and loves Maggie. I am so proud and blessed to be his wife.


Janet Yates said...

Thanks for sharing your Father's Day!!! It's all about eating meat isn't it?

starbucksgirl said...

Seriously, meat IS the answer. Here, here.