June 13, 2008

Nashville Zoo

Last year we got a zoo membership. Thursday (I know, I know) was the first time since we bought it that I used it. Dixie and I and the girls made a quick trip. We were supposed to go swimming at the lake, but the A/C tech didn't come to my house until 11:15, 15 minutes after their "window" appointment that was from 9 - 11. So, in order to salvage some fun, we zipped over to the zoo since it's only 10-15 minutes from the house. ...I really should go more often...

It was in the 90's with humidity so Dixie and I definitely got our exercise that day! The girls had a great time, too. They loved seeing the monkeys, tigers and alligators (I didn't take pictures of those - the monkeys and tigers were hard to get a shot of, and it didn't occur to me at the time to take a picture of the alligators). We stayed long enough to do one half of the zoo and eat lunch. Next time we go we'll have to go to the elephant and giraffe side. Zayli kept reminding us that we hadn't seen the elephants yet, but after lunch Dixie and I were worn out and it was way past nap time for the girls so we had to head home.

When we first got there - red cheeks already starting.
Best picture of the day, the clouded leopard. He was sitting out on a big tree limb in the middle of his enclosure where we could all see him. Most of the other animals were hiding in the shade. What a beautiful kitty!The girls next to the three new baby camels in the "petting" zoo. There was only 1 goat out in the open, everyone else was behind their fence, so other than poking their fingers through the fencing the girls didn't get to pet any animals. The baby camels sure were cute, though. Two bactrians and one dromedary. At lunch a wild family of geese strolled through the picnic tables. The gosling was pretty ugly, half in baby fluff and half in adult feathers. Poor baby! We ended it by spending some time in the air conditioned exhibit hall looking at frogs and turtles and snakes and amazonian fish. The girls really liked those fish. Dixie and I liked the relief from the heat and pushing big strollers!

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