June 17, 2008

You know your baby isn't a baby when...

She moves from the toddler nursery at church to the preschool department!!! At the beginning of June, Maggie moved up. No longer do we drop her off at the toddler nursery, sign her in, and take a pager in case she freaks out. No, no. We take her downstairs to the preschool department now. We just sign her in, no pager, and walk away.

So far she is doing alright. The first week, Daddy went to see her between services, and that was not so good. She cried about the entire second service. Last week she fussed a little when I dropped her off, but this picture was taken seconds after the door was closed, and she was fine. I love the little windows in the doors. Most of the time I can peek in there (very carefully, just one eyeball) and verify that she is indeed having a good time.
Do you see Lamb is sitting on the table? Maggie is sitting on Mrs. Shirley's lap. Shirley Haskins is a WONDERFUL woman! She is the mother of 4 great kids (ok, adults) and watches Maggie every Tuesday night while Tyler and I volunteer with the high school youth group. She is also the director of our church's Mother's Day Out program, where I work one day a week, so I guess that makes her my boss, too. I could go on and on about how much I love Shirley, and how many neat talents she has, but most of all I love how she talks abou the Lord all the time to everyone! She is always an encouragement to me, and a great example of a godly woman and mother.

I also love love love the little bag of crafts she comes home with each week. There are usually several coloring pages and one "big" craft, and I love them so much. This has created some internal struggles though, do I keep it or toss it? I hate to toss all her papers, but I am NOT going to pack-rat them for the next 20 years for her and however many more children we have. So for right now I save my favorites and the rest go in the recycle. Grandparents - don't worry - you'll be getting some of this artwork in the mail.

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