January 24, 2009

It's that time again - birthday cupcakes

We are developing some traditions for Maggie's birthday:
-Cupcake/cake-making the night before
-Streamers for decorations
-lots of Balloons

So here is Maggie helping me make the cupcakes for her birthday. She REALLY enjoyed helping this year, even helped add in the cake mix - er - I mean the from scratch ingredients. The secret ingredient to perfect cupcakes: instant pudding mix. Seriously - I am not bothering with scratch cakes when a box of mix and another of pudding are nearly free (when I've got coupons and they are on sale) and they turn out perfectly moist every time. I love scratch cakes, I'm just not that awesome. Licking the spatula AFTER I was done using it. Maggie's grin went from ear to ear when Mama said "yes" after she asked if she could have the beater. The final product: snowflake cupcakes. I made the snowflakes with royal icing.

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The Harrelson Family said...

I agree about the cake... I have never made a scratch cake that is better... I do the pudding thing too. Maggie looks so cute making them. The cupcakes turned out cute with the snowflakes