January 2, 2009

Fun with Christmas Gifts

Here's some fun stuff of Maggie playing with Christmas gifts.

Dressing up as Snow White. She has gotten pretty good at "Gone Fishin'" already. We play it multiple times a day. And painting with her Tinker Bell art kit. Did you know that sprawling out on the floor is the proper posture for this type of activity?
And a short video of Maggie jumping on the guest bed in her Snow White outfit singing and carrying her recorder. Note to self: when the urge hits to buy her a cute but noisy instrument, just say "No!" I must be a sadist to have willingly bought such a young child such a noisy toy. I tell her that she can only play it with Daddy (who, when prompted, breaks out his recorder from elementary school, and plays all kinds of songs for her on it).


starbucksgirl said...

Savannah and I just watched the video and we just laughed and laughed. She tried to imitate Maggie's song. It was pretty funny. They will have to play dress up together this year. :)

The Arreguin's said...

You think she looks a little like me when I was little? Alexis loved watching the video. She looks a lot older than almost 3 in that Snow White pic! Auntie Tara misses you, Maggie!

Janet Yates said...

Finally!!! I got caught up reading your blog. OK, so funny we too have the snow white target ensemble and we have those purple target jammies as well. :) It looks like you all had a fun Christmas. I'm so glad since you were "on your own" this year. btw I love your aprons they are very anthropologie.