February 6, 2009


Maggie fell asleep in the car today on the way home from a friend's house WITHOUT HER LAMB. That's right - took a nap sans lamb. Yay! I have to say the transition to life without lamb has been pretty much without incident (although I did notice a huge jump in whining for the first week).

Remember this photo? When we picked up New Lamb on one of our trips to Seattle? I reread that post, and I had planned to keep New Lamb hidden until we had to trash Old Lamb. Ha!
I love her eyes in this one, so mischievous! And I love that she has hardly any hair here - she was 16 months in this.


Nita said...

I would just like to say that I think Maggie has LOTS of hair in this picture. Cate is just 3 months shy of 16 months and only in our wildest dreams do we imagine that she will have lustrous locks like Maggie's in this picture by the time she turns 16 months. Maggie, your hair looked gorgeous (and still does)!

Amanda DeHoog said...

Don't know if you're still wanting camera suggestions, but I have a Canon Powershot S5IS and love it. I've had it for a year and a half, so I'm sure there are newer models now . . . lots of fancy stuff on it, but I mostly just put it on auto and take millions, upon millions of pictures! Happy shopping!

starbucksgirl said...

She looks so young in this picture Melissa. I like her little eyes too. Very cute and sly. She's thinking, "how can I get my mom to buy me 3 lamby's."