February 24, 2009

Girls Trip - Atlanta 2009

This past weekend I went with 11 (yes, 11!!!) other girls/ladies (never know what I should call everyone else since I hardly qualify as lady) took an overnight trip to Atlanta. Atlanta is a mere 4 hours away from Nashville, and I am ashamed after finally visiting that I haven't gone down before. It was awesome.
The awesome group of girls that me join them.
Front row: Amber, Carmelina, Kelly, me, Jeanna
Back Row: Lisa, Melea, Kelly, Vicki, Mandi, Vadra, Catherine, Nita.

Some highlights from our trip:
-there was a prize for the smallest overnight bag packed. I thought that was a serious competition. I won. By a landslide. I guess it would be more like I won by packing everything I needed in a tiny child's purse and didn't even bring my normal everytihng-in-here-I-can't-live-without-for even-a-trip-to-the-post-office-or-grocery-store honkin' big purse with me. I thought the prize would be some free lipgloss or make-up from Kelly the coupon queen & trip organizer, but no. It was $30 to IKEA. YEAH! {see the group picture and me holding up the tiny white purse? That's ALL I brought. I did manage to fit clean undies in there.}
-we got to go with just friends, no children or husbands, overnight. Some husbands had it worse than others: I had only one munchkin to leave with Tyler, while Mike and Jason had 3 kids each, and Danny had 5 to wrangle sans-mamma.
-we ALL crammed into a 12-passenger van so generously lent by another family at church. It was a VERY loud, cheery ride down and back (OK, slightly more sleepy on the way back).
-ate at Papasito's for dinner. The mango margarita I ordered was spectacular, only to be eclipsed by the fabulous fajitas.
-we stayed at the Westin. Those rooms were AWESOME. Since about half of us stayed up until 2:30, it's a good thing, too. What happened in room 1604 stays in room 1604...
The view of Atlanta from my hotel window.
-IKEA rocked! I zoomed on through in about 2 hours, and went over-budget a little, but not too badly. I got a new fruit bowl for the table that I have been eyeing for quite some time, and some other awesome stuff.

Shennanigans at IKEA. I got several of the girls to pose in their displays. I, of course, pretended to be on the pot.It was just a really fun time together. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

A big thank-you to Heather who lent me a camera for the trip. My new one arrived yesterday, just a bit too late.


Amber said...

Fun pictures!! I had a lot of fun too and I'm so glad I went. I just wish I would have brought my camera! Oh...and I agree...what happened in room 1604 stays in 1604!!

Greg, Niki and Addie said...

That sounds like so much fun! I am jealous!!!! Do you not have Ikea in Nashville? That would be very sad. Greg and I used to go there on dates- just walk around and talk about everything. Good times. Glad you had so much fun!

Carmelina said...

Great post Melissa and you took some really good photos. I had a great time and I hope we can do it again.