February 1, 2009

Gonna Need a New Camera

My camera, a Canon Powershot S2 IS, is on the fritz. It gets the fatal "e18" error that Canons get. It means either: there is dust/sand/grit in the lens gears, or the gears are out of whack from being dropped. I am betting mine is a combination of both. I have "fixed" it for now - a deliberate whack of frustration on the coffee table after trying all the suggestions I found on websites did help, but I bet my camera is on a slippery slope to the landfill.

So, all my blog readers, would you leave a comment on this post and let me know what kind of camera you have and if you like it? I prefer a cameras that are just a step below an SLR - I like the additional features, but not the hassle. And, I like ones that are heavier feeling. Post away, lurkers, post away.


Heather said...

I have a Fiji FinePix F20 which I love. They are no longer made, but are selling on ebay for more than the original price because everyone else loves them too. The best part to me is that it seems to be the best camera for indoors/low light situations.

angie said...

My sister-in-law has the Nikon D60 which she absolutely loves. I think my sister also has that camera. Personally, I don't think it takes pictures any better than my Kodak which is much cheaper. I have 2 Kodaks. I have DX7440 which is the older one and the new V1073. Actually, I'm on my third because my first kodak bit the dust the day I ordered the 7440. I dropped it on the sidewalk at the ball park. Both take excellent point and shoot pictures. I got the new one because it has the HD format and I just had to have it. Actually, it does take really good pictures. My only complaint is that there is no viewfinder, only the screen which is impossible to see in bright sun light. I still get awesome pictures though. Both have all the fancy stuff to fiddle with, but I find myself liking the point and shoot better. Good luck in your search.